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10 ways of reducing food waste at home

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

- There's approximately 3,382 tons of food waste being disposed of in landfills each day in Hong Kong. This is equivalent to the weight of 7.3 fully-loaded Boeing 747s!

- Food waste accounts for 36% of all municipal solid waste in Hong Kong.

- The remaining capacities of Hong Kong's 3 landfills will be exhausted by 2019

( facts from FoodLink, Check out their website for more info)

Help decrease this amount by thinking SMARTER when it comes to your food!

Here are some quick and simple tips:

1. Use portions to help you control the amount of food you cook, this would allow you to keep a healthier life style while saving food!

2. Look at the expiring date of the item, If you are going to eat it soon then it doesn't matter. But if you know you are leaving town and its going to expire within a few days then put it down!

3. Use glass jars and containers to help preserve food for longer ( keeps your cookies crunchier! ) and reduce plastic usage at home.

4. Pickle it! Make fruits and vegetables last longer, vinegar also strengthens

5. Keep your leftovers in the fridge and have it in your next meal.

6. Make Pro left-over foods such as: Quiche, soups, Quinoa, and Stir-frys

7. Shop more often, instead of buying more in one trip

8. Have an "At- Home Compost" area, allowing you to create your own fertiliser!

9. Donate! Donate it to a food kitchen before it gets expired, so other people.

10. Share! Made too many brownies for yourself? Spread the love and joy to friends and family by gifting them your creations. +1 Brownie Points for sure ( literally!)

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