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Be good this Christmas - how to not receive coal

Christmas is the perfect time to show gratitude and spread love in your community.

Small things you can do to plant happiness in friends, family and others who need it:

1. Bake some Christmas treats!

Who doesn't love sweets like Gingerbread men, Cinnamon buns and the classic bunt cake? Make some and bring them to a local charity or hospital and hand them out. I promise you, you will be the real Santa this year. ( also, this makes your house smell heavenly, and provides you with an activity you can enjoy with your family and friends!)

2. Blast some Christmas Music!

Once it turns December, turn on our speakers and get ready for the ever present jingle bells and festive lyrics. Spread the excitement and Holiday Spirit with everyone by playing some classics.

If you are a keen singer, get some friends together and schedule a performance in a Shopping mall to raise funds for a charity, or sing at a retirement home!

3. Stories and Santa's cookies

Put on your best Christmas hat and elf shoes and bring smiles and laughter to a children's charity or orphanage house by arranging a Christmas book reading! Pick your favourite story book and spend time with the kids. Bonus points if you can get someone to dress up for a surprise visit from Santa himself!

4. Help out

Things are hectic during this time of the year, with Thanksgiving and Christmas. Simply helping out around the house and showing gratitude towards your family members, teachers and co-workers goes along way! Everyone is just tired to go home and get the year over and done with, so why not end this year by infecting others with a smile. Taking out the trash, keeping the drive way clean ( to help out some public cleaners) will brighten everyones mood.

5. Visit and Volunteer in a animal shelter

Animals deserve a Merry Christmas too! Volunteer at your local Animal Shelter, adopt a pet as a gift ( make sure to take responsibility!) or bring treats and blankets for the pets. Winter gets cold and bringing warmth to both the hearts of the pets ( as well as providing yourself with happiness from their cuteness) will make you feel amazing.

There is so much more you can do this month to both spread the Christmas cheer and happiness.

Looking forward to see your name listed on the Good List!

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