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Animal Cruelty Awareness

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Many animals all over the world are treated without any care and love. There are some who have been captured from their homes in the wild, some bred for their fur and some live in labs, getting tested with substances and injections their whole life.

We need to spread awareness and educate those around us.

-Shark Fin Soup-

Small things bring big differences, such as this infamous asian delicacy.

Many people drink this as a tradition to celebrate, but not everyone is aware of the grim process manufacturing the fins.

Sharks are fished and captured, sliced for their big fins, tossed back into the salty water left to drown and die- staining the sea red with blood.

This process happens everyday in so many different countries in the world to satisfy the wants and needs of the consumers. Many defend and say "one bowl of soup wont hurt" but by ordering that one bowl shows there are still customers interested in drinking it, urging restaurants to keep buying it, despite the awful murders behind it.

"sharks kill humans too" this is true, BUT statistics show that Vending Machines and Toasters kill more humans per year than Shark attacks. Sharks do not eat humans, as it is seen in attacks

(barely any cases have shown a full human being eaten) , that they usually attack surfers because they mis-interpreted them as turtles and seals.

What you can do:

- Swap for "cellophane noodles" as a shark fin soup alternative ( as sometimes it is necessary in weddings)

- Refuse a bowl of Soup and explain why

- educate family, siblings and friends to allow the next generation

Animal Testing

What is it? : Any scientific experiment or test in which an animal ( alive ) is forced to take part in which would most likely cause them pain, distress, or long lasting harm. They are not being tested for their own good, and usually killed at the end of the experiment.

Imagine being born into the world to just be confined in a laboratory, not being able to run free? Many helpless animals are bred in the Lab, where they live their whole -short- lives in. Each day they go through distress and anxiety from being injected, shaved and exposed to open radiation. And all for what? A bottle of shampoo for us to use? or some eyeshadow? or maybe some body cream. Many of our day to day products are tested on animals before put onto the market

What you can do:

- Use cruelty free brands and products such as: Lush, Urban Decay, JĀSÖN, elf, Tom's, Dermalogica, Soap&Co.... and so many more

- Bring awareness to your family and friends by posting on social media and sharing articles.

- Use your art and photography skills to spread awareness and start your own campaign!

- April is Prevention of Animal Cruelty month!

- Donate to charities that promote cruelty free brands.

Animal Farming and Neglect

neglecting the basic needs of animals also counts as animal cruelty, not giving them sufficient amounts of food, water and shelter to keep them healthy would be associated to animal "abuse". This is seen in a lot of industrial facilities containing a high density amount of animals- sometimes called "Factory Farms". They raise animals in a bad environment to keep the costs low, barely feeding them anything, in hopes this would increase their overall profit when transporting them to slaughter.

Leonardo Da Vinci was one of most known for his artworks and inventions, but he was also very concerned about the way humans treat animals. Humans put themselves at the top in the animal hierarchy, and most of the times ignore the fact that we are actually animals. He raised awareness about how humans think we have the right to cage animals and farm them to slaughter for our own needs, which till this day is a huge problem in society.

Another issue is that people do not consider important factors before getting pets. Many dogs and cats each year end up on the streets, without a family- because they realised it takes more than just money to raise a living animal. People need to be educated before buying a pet, as it takes both time, money and effort to support and keep your pet happy and heathy. Abuse is also common, sometimes out of immediate anger and others as a habit - usually psychological problems in the human.

What you can do:

- If you witness any animal abuse, contact 9-1-1 or your local organisations as soon as possible.

- Educate yourself/anyone about the logistics before getting a pet

- Put together packets of treats and a pet-care book or video to give to friends who’ve just gotten a new pet.

- Write to your paper and TV station whenever animal cruelty stories appear.

- Volunteer at your local shelter.

- Try being Vegetarian or Vegan for a week every month, and encourage friends and family to join you with this challenge.

- Check out PETA's website to shop for cruelty free items and for more information about how you can report animal abuse.

Hope you learnt more about animal cruelty and how to help decrease it. Please share this with family and friends to spread the message!

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